Prochesta Prakalpa Apply Online: Prochesta Scheme 2023

Prochesta Prakalpa Apply Online | প্রচেষ্টা প্রকল্প app download | Prochesta Prokolpo list download

On international worker day, the chief minister of West Bengal gifted the worker of the unorganized sector in West Bengal a very special Scheme to help the workers and labourers.

Announcing on Twitter the chief minister Mamata Banerjee praised the workers and told them about the Scheme. She Said that the working class especially the daily wages labours and poor are badly affected by the covid crisis.

She said that in this difficult time we have to be united and stay strong. She assured the working class that the government is with them and will provide all the support to them.

The government of West Bengal has launched a Scheme naming Prochesta Scheme for the people who work in the unorganized sector.

The Scheme is launched by the chief minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee. The scheme is generally for those who are below the poverty line. The scheme is launched just after the announcement of the Covid lockdown.

One of the most affected individuals were the people who work in the unorganized sector and earn daily wages. Survival is difficult if they sit at home, but this pandemic is new to everyone.

No one had expected this pandemic so it’s also our duty to help the government by following their norms. Not to create a crowd and follow social distancing.

The main objective behind Prochesta Scheme is to help the daily workers and poor people to combat this covid crisis in the State. The beneficiary has to apply offline for this scheme to get its benefit.

The poor will be benefited across west Bengal as covid lockdown is disastrous for them. The relief fund of Rs 1000 can make their burden less. 

Also, the free ration will help them for 6 months. The government is trying its best so that not a single person dies from hunger.

Prochesta Prakalpa Scheme

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Prochesta Scheme Details 2022

The scheme promised to give Rs 1000 to the people who work for the unorganized sector and to the BPL (below poverty line) people. The person should be a resident of West Bengal to avail of this Scheme. The government will put Rs 1000 directly into their bank account.

This scheme is very beneficial for the workers who work on a daily basis and earn daily wages. There are many benefits of the Prochesta Scheme like-:

1. The beneficiary will be receiving food grains at a very subsidized rate. For six months the food grains and rice will be provided free of cost to the poor. The subsidized food grains will help them to survive.

2. The maximum capacity allowed for employees in the corporate or private sector is only 5 percent amid the Covid lockdown.

3. A new State relief refund has been made on an emergency basis to tackle the situation.

4. All the workers working in the unorganized sector and BPL families will be getting Rs1000 from the government. 

5. The emergency personnel will be getting leaves after their duties. The emergency personnel works taking risks of their life so it’s the government duty to provide them with these special leaves.

6. The government of West Bengal also provides the poor with health insurance for their betterment of health. If they got the viruses they will be treated free of cost.

7. The beneficiary will get 2kg of rice free of cost.

Prochesta Scheme Online Portal

The government of West Bengal also launched a web portal for the Prochesta Scheme. This portal will ease the work of the applicants.

The applicants can now directly go through this official portal and apply for the Prochesta Scheme. The portal is created only for labourers in the unorganized sector. None other than unorganised sector worker can avail for this Scheme.

Also, only workers of West Bengal are eligible for this portal registration. The website url is Portal. Applicants can download the mobile application from this Portal.

After downloading you can apply for the Prochesta Scheme and register in the application. Add the bank Details and the money will be transferred to the bank account after your verification by the district administration.

In the end, we can say that the Prochesta Scheme is very beneficial for the people who are from the unorganised sector.

This scheme promises to give Rs 1000 which is not a small amount. Also, the beneficiary families will be provided with 6 months of free ration and 2kg free rice. The covid pandemic has created havoc in our life but it is our duty to fight this situation.

The government is doing its part, now it’s our duty to follow all the norms hy given by the government.

The government has citizens stay indoors and stay safe from the covid 19.

The virus is spreading very fast so it’s our duty to follow the government rules and regulations which like wearing masks, following social distancing, not creating crowds, and avoiding roaming outside for no reason.

Eligibility Criteria for the Scheme

1. The Scheme is only for the resident of West Bengal. No other state resident can apply for the Prochesta Scheme.

2. The scheme is for the labour or worker who works on daily wages, also the person should be the only earning member of the family.

3. Not all the members of a family are eligible for the scheme.  In a family, only one member is eligible for the scheme.

4. The scheme is not for that person who is already a beneficiary or any other Scheme.  Also, there should be not any other income sources for that person.

Important Documents Needed

1. The identification proof ( aadhaar card)

2.  Property papers ( proof of residence)

3.  Bank statement

4.  Phone number

How To Apply For Prochesta Scheme

The Prochesta Scheme application procedure is completely offline. You have to fill its application form offline and submit it to the office of the District Magistrate. The applicant can also go through the official website of the government of West Bengal i.e

1. First of all the applicant has to fill the application form for the Prochesta Scheme. The application forms are available only at the office of the District Magistrate or the office of the Kolkata municipal corporation.

The application is free of cost for the applicant. Any person who wants to apply for this scheme can get the application form at one of these offices.

2. In the application you will have to fill in the following details which are given below:

  • Name of applicant
  • Father’s name
  • Gender of the applicant
  • Date of birth
  • Age of applicant
  • Voter id number of the applicant
  • Ration Card number
  • Aadhaar card
  • The district
  • Assembly constituency, Area
  • Nearest Post office
  • Contact information
  • Your bank account details

You will be asked to paste your recent passport-size photograph.

3. Fill the form accurately and check it. After checking sign the form which is nothing but your declaration.

4. After signing the application form, the form should be submitted to the office from where you got the application form. For example, if you got the application form from the office of the District Magistrate, you have to submit it to the same office.

5. After submitting your documents will be verified by the officer of the District Magistrate. In a rural area, it will be verified by the BDO. In urban areas, it will be verified by the Sub Divisional Officer (SDO). In the Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, it is verified by the commissioner.

6. After verification the applicants’ form will be transferred to the department of nodal. The nodal department is the main department of the Prochesta Scheme.

7. After all the verification the department of nodal will send the amount to the beneficiary bank account.

Prochesta Mobile Application

The West Bengal government launched the mobile app of Prochesta for the ease of the applicant. An applicant can download the mobile application of Prochesta in these small steps

1. First of all open the official website of the West Bengal government.

2. Search for the option “Prochesta” after that there will be a “download” option. Click on the download option.

3. After that, a new window interference will appear asking you to download the mobile app of Prochesta. Just click on the download option and the app will be installed on your mobile phone.

4. After installation just run the app. The app will ask you to register. Fill in your details like your mobile number and sign up on the app.

5. You can apply for the Prochesta Scheme through this app.

Payment process

Once you applied for the Prochesta Scheme and filled the application form. The application form will go through the further process.

The district magistrate office will inquire about the applicant and do the verification part. All the verification parts will be done by the Officer of the district magistrate or by the commissioner of the Kolkata municipal corporation.

The mobile application will ask for your bank details, once the verification part will be done the amount will be transferred to the bank account of the applicant.

The payment process will take some time off at least 3 to 4 days or even a week as the verification would take some time.