Nadakacheri CV: Income & Caste Certificate {Apply Online} & Status Check 2023

Nadakacheri Apply Online | Nadakacheri Caste Certificate & Income Certificate Download | application status

The government of Karnataka initiated Nadakacheri CV in the light of issuing numerous online certificates and services to the citizens of Karnataka.

This scheme has been launched by Atalji Janasnehi Kendra Project. By making use of this CV the residents of Karnataka can appeal to many distinct certificates online.

This scheme was established by the department through Private Public Partnership. It includes various certificates like income certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate etc.

Nadakacheri CV was introduced especially for the well-being of the citizens of Karnataka state Several services like income and caste certificates, social security schemes and many more are served by the Karnataka government under Nadakacheri CV.

This scheme is beneficial for the residents of Karnataka. They can apply for various types of certificates by sitting at home just from Nadakacheri’s official website.

This venture of Nadakacheri integrates important administrations activities such as Minority, Unemployment, living, caste and income and Social Security Pensions to the locals.

So through this scheme digitization of certificates and services related to the government can be easily done online.

This scheme is cost-effective and less time-consuming. It also helps in making the system transparent. The citizens of Karnataka can avail the certificates digitally in less time.

Nadakacheri CV

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Citizen Services Offered in Nadakacheri CV Portal

The residents of Karnataka can avail of various services under Nadakacheri CV. The most important services like social security, land and agriculture, caste and income pensions can be easily availed by the residents of Karnataka.

There are approximately 29 services under Nadakacheri CV.

Moreover, services such as

  • Agri services certificate,
  • Unemployment certificate,
  • Minority certificate,
  • Landholding certificate,
  • Government job certificate, living certificate,
  • HK Region Residence, Birth and Death certificate,
  • OBC certificate,
  • population certificate etc comes under this scheme.

Further, each of these services charges Rs. 15.

Eligibility Criteria

1. To avail of any certificate like income certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate, etc, the applicant should be a perpetual citizen of Karnataka.

2.  Also residents of Karnataka of different communities can avail a caste certificate.

3.  Only those candidates who fall under the category of OBC, SC, MBC, ST communities can also apply for it.

Objective of Nadakacheri CV

The main objective of Nadakacheri CV is to help the residents of Karnataka with the certificates digitally.

Digitization of certificates is its objective. The government will provide people with numerous certificate services online without visiting government offices for applying it.

Earlier citizens used to visit the offices for certifications but through Nadakacheri CV these efforts can be eliminated.

They can avail of many types of certificates such as residential certificates, caste certificates, religious certificates etc. from their homes.

Applying this certificate is less time-consuming, saves money and makes the system transparent.

Procedure To Apply For Caste Certificate Online

The steps are given below for applying caste certificate:

  • First, proceed to the official website of Nadakacheri CV.
  • Then visit the homepage and from the drop-down menu select apply online from the online application.
  • You will reach a new page where you have to enter your mobile number.
  • When you will enter your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to you and then you will have to click on proceed.
  • Again a new homepage will appear on the website.
  • A new request option will be there on the screen.
  • Click on the new request option and go to the caste certificate option where you will find the application form.
  • Now fill up all the necessary details and also upload the important documents asked in the application form.
  • Choose the option of the mode of delivery and click the save button appearing on the site
  • An acknowledgement number will be sent to you.
  • Then you will have to make the required payment of the application.
  • Further select the online payment option to make the payment through your card.
  • The issuing fee is Rs. 15 per certificate.
  • After the payment is done successfully, the caste certificate will be issued to you after the verification process by the concerned authorities.

Docuements Required For Caste Certificate

  • A copy of an Aadhaar Card.
  • An Application Letter for certificates like caste, residence and income is required.
  • Take the NOC from Patwari or a Sarpanch.
  • Your ration card and proof of residence.
  • A report of your income and the mobile number for verification.

Process To Apply For Income Certificate Online

Here are a few steps are given for the application for an income certificate online. The steps are:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Nadakacheri CV i.e.
  • On reaching the homepage of the website, a drop down menu will be seen on the screen.
  • Choose the apply online option.
  • Type the mobile number when the new page appears and get an OTP.
  • Further select proceed
  • Click on new request option and then on income certificate.
  • Fill all the important details and upload necessary documents in the application form.
  • Choose mode of delivery option and select save option.
  • An acknowledgement number is received on the mobile number.
  • Now for the payment of the fee select the payment option.
  • The concerned authorities, after the verification will publish the income certificate.

Docuements Required For Income Certificate

  • An Aadhaar card is required.
  • A mobile number and proof of residence are must.
  • An application letter is also needed.
  • A report issued by a sarpanch is important.

Residential or Domicile Certificate

A resident or domicile certificate is a certificate issued by the state government. The certificate is proof of the permanent residence of the individual in the state.

A person has to apply for this certificate if the person wants to make the state their permanent address of residence.

Procedure for Applying For Residence Certificate

There are two procedures for obtaining the residence certificate i.e via online and offline mode. The offline process is called Apply in person.

1. Apply Offline Mode

If a person wants to take a residential certificate in a state, he or she has to visit the nearest Taluk or office of NADAKACHERI.

After visiting the office you have to fill an application form. Take the required documents with you as the document will be attached with the application form.

After submission of the application form, the authority will recheck the application and your details. After checking they will provide you with the number by which you can check your application status.

Also, the application will be checked by the Officer of revenue or administrative officer. After all these verifications your documents will be passed on to further process.

The issuance of your domicile or residential certificate will take at least 7 days after application form submission. This is the offline way of applying for residential certificates.

2. Online Mode

1. For the online procedure first go through the official website 

2. After that click on “apply online” which is available on the home page. Apply online is the option which is under Online application.

3. After that a new interference will appear which will ask for your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and a one-time password (OTP) appear on your mobile. Enter the OTP and click on proceed.

4. After that you will see the home page. Then you have to click on the NEW REQUEST section. Select your preferred language. After that click on the Residence certificate which is appearing before you.

5. The new page will ask for your details. So fill in your details correctly and accurately. After completion of the details go through the “Search” option.

6. Check your details to be double sure and if the details are correct click on the next page option. The next page window will ask you to upload the documents.

After uploading the required documents just go through the payment part which is on the next page of the window.

7. Make the payment according to your preference. You can pay through credit card, debit card, NetBanking etc.

After payment, the confirmation will appear on the next windows. You can take the screenshot of that payment confirmation as proof. The same confirmation will appear on your registered mobile number.

8. After payment you will receive an application number that will help you to see the status of your application. With that application number, you have to login to the website of the portal.

9. After this, all procedures will be the same as that of an offline process. The details will be checked by the regulatory authorities and officers.

You can check the application status on the website. It will take around 7 to 10 days for the issuance of your residence certificate.

Important documents Required For Residential Certificate

  • The application process form
  • Identification proof like aadhaar card or pan card.
  • The tax on property papers.
  • 10th class certificate
  • 12th class certificate
  • Tahsildar report of an inquiry
  • Land owning proof
  • Property papers

Check Application Status on Nadakacheri CV Portal

The required steps to check your application status are mentioned below. The steps are-:

1. Go through the official website of Nadakacheri, on the main menu click on the ‘Online Application’

2. Under the drop-down, click on the second option of ‘Application Status’

Check Nadakacheri CV Application Status

3. A window will appear in front of you asking for the ‘Application Type’ and ‘Application Number’.

4. Enter your application type and the application number. After that just click on the “Get status” option.

5. Your application status will be displayed on your screen.

Verification of the certificate Online

The next step after applying for the residence certificate and income certificate is verification of the certificate online. To check the verification online follow these simple steps-

  • Go through the official site of NADAKACHERI CV.
  • Click on the “online application” option and hit the third option which is “Nadakacheri certificate verification”
  • After that, a window will appear which is of the Revenue department Certificate verification.
  • The page will ask you to enter the acknowledgment no. After entering the acknowledgment number, you will be asked to read the barcode.
  • Now enter those details and click on the ” show certificate Details” option.
  • You will get all the information regarding the certificate.

About Nadakacheri CV Mobile Application

The government of Karnataka also had launched the mobile application of Nadakacheri CV to ease your work.

You can go through your applied documents very comfortably. You can download it from Google Play. Just open Google Play and search NADAKACHERI CV on it. Just install the top application from the list.

Follow these simple steps to download the NADAKACHERI CV app on your mobile phone.

How to view circular and Downloads

Go through the official website of the Nadakacheri CV and click on the circular and download option from the homepage. You will get many options like project details, official circular etc.

Click on the option of your choice and you will get the required knowledge about the preferred option. You can also download the information in pdf form.

Disposal index report

To use the disposal index report, just go through the official website of Nadakacheri cv. On the home page of the website, you will see an option of disposal index report. After clicking on the disposal index report you will see the report in the next window.

Urban ward details of Bangalore

To see the urban ward details of Bangalore, open the official site of Nadakacheri CV. On the home page, there will be an option for Bangalore urban ward details.

Click on the option and the interference will be pop up in the next tab in the PowerPoint presentation. You can download this presentation too.

You will get all the information related to Bangalore urban ward with Taluka, Hobli, Ward number, ward name in English, ward name in Kannada and the areas which come under the concerned ward.

How to download Padasale Handbook

First of all, go through the  Website of NADAKACHERI CV. On the home page, you will see an option naming Padasale Handbook.

Just click on that option. A new tab which is in the form of a pdf will appear. You can download this pdf too if you’re interested. The pdf will be in the Kannada language.

Process To Give Feedback

Feedback is something that is very necessary to any website as it attracts or resists people to use the website. Good feedback will obviously help others to make the most of that website.

NADAKACHERI CV also provides you with the opportunity to give feedback about the website. If you want to give feedback, then you have to go through their website which is NADAKACHERI CV. On the Home page, you will get an option of feedback.

Click on the feedback option and a new interference will open. The new interference will be asking you your name, your email address, your mobile phone number, your message or feedback you want to give about the website.

You can tell about your experience with the website and the work for which you used the website.

How To Check Contact Details

If you want to check the contact details of NADAKACHERI cv. Follow these simple steps-:

1. Go through the official site of Nadakacheri CV or type contact details of Nadakacheri cv on Google.

2. Just click on the contact details which is on the top of the home page and on the left of the photo gallery.

3. You will get many options like Nadakacheri address, front office address etc. Go through the contact which you want to contact.

4. You will be getting all the addresses of Your choice with district, taluk, contact number etc. which will really help you in contacting the Nadakacheri CV.