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e Challan Payment Online | e Challan parivahan status check | echallan.parivahan.gov.in online portal

In a report of 2018, India was ranked as the third country in road accidents. Thousands of people die every year just because of road accidents.

This is a matter of concern to the Government as well as for the people. Most accidents were due to the negligence of people. In many cases, people are caught without wearing helmets. Hence, the government has come with new traffic rules and e Challan method.

In Earlier times if you are caught breaking traffic rules, you have to pay the challan once the policeman stops you.

While driving we all have a fear of not to caught by traffic policemen, but the traffic police have come with the new technology of e Challan through online application. So be careful while driving on roads because you’re in the CCTV surveillance.

So don’t be happy if you have violated the traffic rules and don’t think you are escaped, but traffic police can make your Challan online with CCTV footage evidence.

With the rising number of road accidents, the government has come with these new rules. Technology is playing an important role in every field so why not in traffic rules?

The government has launched a special website for the e Challan payments and Status check, where you can see your e challan status and also for payment of your challan.

You will be provided with all the information about when and where you had broken the traffic rules. This e Challan campaign will definitely ease the work of traffic police as well as it will become the reason for low road accidents.

E Challan Parivahan Online portal

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E Challan Parivahan Online Portal 2022

We all have listened to the word challan, but what is challan? Challan is a fine when you break the rule given by the government.

The fine you pay for violating the rules framed by the government when you are caught is called challan. The challan word is mostly used in the context of traffic police.

E-Challan is an electronic challan that is completely based on an online application. The government of India has launched a website and mobile application in which you can see your e challan.

Vahan and Sarathi applications are incorporations with the e-challan application. So if you’re found breaking traffic rules, police can make your e-challan without even stopping you. They can make your e challan just by seeing you in a CCTV camera.

So you have to be careful while driving from the police as well as cameras. Now the traffic rules and technology have been changed, so it’s not easy to break any traffic rule.

The official website of e Challan is s e-challan.parivahan.gov.in and you will get all information regarding your challan on this website.

You just have to give your vehicle details and if you have violated any traffic rules then it will be reflected on the portal. Also, you can download the official app. The application will be available on their website as well as on the play store.

Objective of e-Challan

It is an initiative or campaign started by the MoRTH, the government of India in the context of one nation one challan.

Earlier there was no dedicated portal for e-challans, but now the central government has launched a parivahan portal for the citizens of India, where you will get all the information regarding the challan. Earlier the work of traffic police as well of people were so hectic.

This website’s objective was to ease a load of traffic police as well as of the public. Now not only you can see details of your challan online but can also pay your challan at the comfort of your home.

There is no need to rush to the police station or court to pay the challan. Also, there was so much use of paperwork, this website has also made the work smoother and easier.

Procedure To View Your e-Challan Status For Payment

These are the steps by which you can check your e challan status-:

1. First of all go through the official website of e challan status i.e e-challan.parivahan.gov.in or Google “e challan Status”

2. A home page of the website will appear before you with a lot of options. Select on “check online services” and hit the last option that is “Check Challan Status”

e Challan parivahan status check

3. A new interface will appear on your computer screen, asking you to select one of the following options

  • Challan Number
  • Vehicle Number
  • Driving License Number

4. You can fill any of the detail in the Portal from these three things. After that, you will get the information about your e challan.

5. If you have a challan you can pay instantly online without going to the police station.

6. You will get an option of “pay now”. There will be many options of payment. You can choose your desired option and can pay online.

7. After you are done with your payment for the vehicle challan, a payment receipt will be generated. Take a printout of it for your future reference.

Payment of Traffic Challan Procedure

There are two methods of payment of e challan that is online and offline mode. In this article, we will discuss both methods.

1. Online Method

(i) Through debit or credit card

  • Firstly you have to go to the official website of e challan
  • On the homepage, click on the ” check online services” tab, under that, click on the “Check Challan Status” Option.
  • After that, enter your challan number or DL number and click on the ‘Pay Now’ option.
  • Now, you can see the options of debit card, credit card, online and UPI
  • Finally, click on any one of the options for payment and you will get the receipt in the PDF form.

(ii) Through Paytm

You can also pay your challan through Paytm. Just open your Paytm application and go to the other services tab. In that, you will find an option of paying the challan. Just open that option and enter your details like challan number. Select proceed and you are ready to go.

2. Offline method

If a person doesn’t have any bank account or has a problem paying through online mode. He or she can pay their challan through offline mode. You can go to your nearest police station to pay for your challan.

Importance of e Challan

There are many benefits of having e Challan in our traffic police system. Some of the benefits are given below-:

1. It will ease the workload of traffic police as there is no paperwork involved.

Earlier, for example, people have to take the challan receipt from the traffic police and approach the court with all the papers of the vehicle and license with themselves.

The person has to hire a lawyer as well as remain in a queue. Now due to e challan, the person can pay directly from his or her bank account or via Paytm.

2. Online e challan can save our paperwork, by doing so we can save a lot of papers ultimately we can save trees.

3. Online e challan is more accurate and productive than offline challan. No one can manipulate the data online and that will lead to a corruption less system. This is the best thing about e challan.

4. Now the people are more concerned about driving because they know that they are in surveillance of police and e challan can happen anytime if they try to break any traffic rule. This concern can reduce road accidents.

5. The offender can be punished because they can’t blame the police for false accusations as there are CCTV cameras installed all over the main roads and junctions. This will increase the income of states.

6. The e-Challan system will be implemented pan India.

Pending Details of Transaction

If you want to see your pending transaction details, then please follow the simple steps given below-

1.Firstly go to the echallan Parivahan portal

2.You will see the home page of e- challan. kindly select the ”check online services” and hit the ”check pending transaction” option.

3. A new window interference will appear before you ask your challan number or vehicle number. Enter your vehicle number or challan number and click on ”get details”.

4. Now a new page will appear on your computer screen which will show you all your pending traffic challans.

Vehicle Amendment Bill of 2019 With Fine Charges

The Indian government has amended the motor vehicle act and tougher rules for vehicle riders. The act is approved by both houses of parliament and was introduced by Nitin Gadkari who is the minister of Road Transport & Highways.

According to this act, the fine charges have also changed with types of offenses.

1.General Offence

There will be a fine of INR 500 If caught for the first time and INR 1500 if caught for the second time.

2. Driving Without Helmet

If you are caught driving without a helmet you will be charged with a fine or INR 1000. Earlier it was only INR 100.

3.Driving Without License

If you are caught driving without a license, you will be charged with 5000 INR. Earlier it was only INR 500.

4. Driving Illegal Vehicle Without License

If anyone caught an illegal vehicle without a license he or she will be charged with INR 5000.

5.Over Speed Driving

If you are caught driving over the speed you will be charged from INR 1000 To INR 2000.

6.Rash Driving

If you are caught driving rashly on the roads you can get a penalty of INR 1000 to 5000. On the first offense, you can get police custody of  6 months to 1 year. On the 2nd time, you can get police custody for six months to one year.

7. Drunk Driving

If you are caught drunk while driving you will be charged with 3 months of imprisonment on the first time or INR 10,000 penalty. You can get imprisonment of 2 years or a 15,000 INR penalty the second time. 

8. Violation of Seat Belts

The penalty for violation of the seat belt is INR 1000.

9. Helmet Violation

If someone is caught not wearing a helmet he or she will be charged with INR 1000.

10. If you are giving way to the ambulance and emergency vehicles

If you are caught not giving way to the emergency vehicles you will be charged a penalty of INR 10,000 and imprisonment of 6 months.

11. Fine Regarding Accidents

If you’re caught for the First time you will be fined INR 5000 or imprisonment of up to 6 months. If you are caught violating this rule for the second time you will be charged INR 10,000 or imprisonment of one year.

E-challan enablers

There are three e Challan enablers of e-challan i.e Government process Re-engineering, capacity building, state-wise, office astute customization.

The new method of challan is very efficient and easy to use by everyone.

Value Indicators

The value indicators are given below as follows-

1. The e-challan is made up of the method of changing, learning, and up-gradation.

2. The website is fully secured by the government and there is no scope of leaking of the data from the website.

3. The website is available in two languages i.e in English and Hindi.

What If Someone Doesn’t Pay the Traffic Challan?

If you have a pending transaction of challan and if you are not paying before its deadline, you have to face government legal action. You will be charged according to the Indian penal code.

After a given time the court will send a notice to you and will give you the last deadline. You have to reply to the notice sent by the court before the deadline ends. If you fail to do so police will take you into their custody and you will be produced before the court.

You have to give the explanation to the judge and if your answer is not convincing then your license can be suspended and can be imprisoned for months.

You have to pay a late fine for late submission of penalty. So never forget to pay your challan. Remember, the challan is only for the mistake you have done, so kindly pay it because it will be a lesson for you as well as for everyone to follow the traffic guidelines.

In India, thousands of people die due to road accidents. This e- challan can reduce the loss of the lives of people.

What Should You Do If You Get a Challan by Mistake?

The procedure of sending an e-challan is by seeing the vehicle in the camera, identifying the Vehicle number, and then sending it to the person.

But sometimes due to some mistakes and errors, the e challan will get sent to another person. Sometimes the camera was not able to read the correct reading and this mishappening occur.

So if you face this kind of problem don’t hesitate to go to the police station. You can also send them an e-mail regarding this mistake. Sometimes errors may happen on side of traffic police, in that situation you don’t have to pay the fine.

Beware of Fake Challan Websites

There are numerous websites available on the internet regarding e-challan and government challan.

So beware of these fake Websites. Always go to the official website of e challan. You have to be very careful because it can lead to cybercrime. You have to be careful while doing the payment part.

Always remember that you pay the e-Challan on the official government website and there is so many fake websites created similarly to scam people.

If you are reading a blog on the internet and get a link to pay your e Challan which is fake. So always go to the official website of e-challan.

echallan.parivahan.gov.in is the official website of e-Challan.