Chnage Your Mobile Number On Aadhaar Card Online | Aadhaar Card Update

Thanks to updated functionality on the UIDAI website, updating mobile numbers with an Aadhaar card has never been easier. Now, people can easily link their mobile number to their Aadhaar card online via the Self-service Update Portal (SSUP).

How to Online Aadhar Card Mobile Number Change?

  1. To update the mobile number on an Aadhar card, one can do the following:
  2. Go to the UIDAI online portal.
  3. Before entering the necessary captcha code, enter the registered phone number that you wish to update.
  4. After selecting the ‘Send OTP’ option, you’ll get the OTP on your mobile device.
  5. Submit the OTP to proceed to the following stage.
  6. From the ‘Online Aadhaar Services’ menu, select the item you wish to change (in this case, your mobile number).
  7. Submit your phone number and the required information.
  8. Enter the captcha code after being redirected to the new page.
  9. You will receive an OTP on your phone after completing the previous step.
  10. Following OTP verification, select the ‘Save and Proceed’ button.

Make an appointment at the closest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre after completing the steps above. Pay a small fee and present any additional paperwork that may be needed when you arrive at the Aadhaar Seva Kendra at the appointed time. We hope our responses to your questions about how to update your UIDAI Aadhar mobile number and how to change your old mobile number in your Aadhaar card online have helped.

How to Check a Mobile Number on an Aadhaar Card?

By following the instructions listed below, people can check their mobile number associated with their Aadhaar number whenever it’s convenient for them:

  1. Log in to the UIDAI website
  2. Click the ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ option under the ‘Online Aadhaar Services’ dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the security code, your Aadhar card number, registered mobile number, and email address to get an OTP on your phone.
  4. Enter the OTP before selecting the option to “Verify OTP”
  5. A green checkmark appears on the screen once this verification process is finished.